This project is fighting against poverty through education (SDG 1 & 4)

A story is told of a cripple who was abandoned by his family in a forest because he was seen as a liability. This cripple crawled till he could no longer bear and fainted in exhaustion. Fortunately, he was found by a hunter who gave him food and money and sent him off another way. With this money he boarded a bus to Accra. For days he had not eaten and sat by the road side. Sympathizers dropped coins at his feet and with this money he went to the nearest shop and bought a pack of biscuits. This, he sold, returned and bought more. Profit from his sales was used for food and reinvested back into his newly found business. In a year he made enough to rent a single room apartment. Today this cripple who was once abandoned, homeless and a beggar owns two supermarkets and has employed others. We believe that anyone with a positive mindset and the right attitude can amount to much.

The street mentor program aims to equip street hawkers and street children who work and live on the streets with entrepreneurial knowledge so as to be able to better manage and scale up already existing small business or start viable ones. With a long term goal of alleviating poverty in our community and Ghana at large, the immediate aim of ReachOut World Mission on this initiative is to support beneficiaries in the application or implementation of knowledge gained in improving their living and economic standards.

Each episode of the Street Mentor Program will train and empower 10 beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries(Mentees) are:

  1. Street Hawkers
  2. Street Youth who sleep on the streets.


Mentors are budding and successful entrepreneurs with proven experience in the field of entrepreneurship. Working with the Head Projects Manager of ReachOut who has 5 years’ experience in Entrepreneurship and an MBA in Project Management, the team will take beneficiaries through an intensive one-month street level entrepreneurship training. Areas to be covered under mentorship include idealization, product branding, marketing and basic book keeping.

Expected Outcome

Beneficiaries will better manage their finances and learn how to reinvest wisely. By the end of each project, target beneficiaries are expected to gain knowledge and skill in starting a viable business, knowledge on successfully marketing the said business, knowledge on basic book keeping and product branding. Beneficiaries are expected to apply knowledge gained in enhancing their economic livelihood.


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